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Are you Ready?

Beginning your journey to Self-mastery is a brave step. The work we will do together takes emotional honesty and courage. During our time, we will uncover the emotional wounds of your past so you can get to the root of your current triggers and upsets. We will clean the slate of your negative programming so you can heal and program new positive beliefs to manifest a life filled with love and abundance.


I can personally attest that by taking these steps you will transform your life for the better as well as for those around you. The change lies within you and the first step to inner peace requires action.


If you are interested in learning more to see if the Path To Inner Peace program is a good fit, please follow the link below to set up a free discovery call today! It's time to stop letting your past define your now.



Path To Inner Peace
15 Session Package | $1875


Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions run 60 minutes long and are held once a week via telephone. Package includes Self-Mastery book, compatible audio, action plans and Self-mastery assignments that will be tailored to fit your self-help objectives.

At 15 sessions you will be begin to create the permanent behavioral change that you desire. We will be able to re-measure your duration, intensity, frequency, and success of your sessions from when you began. 

*Payment plan available

Why Choose Spiritual Refresh with Nicole?

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, I have completed a vigorous certification curriculum that is based upon three decades of research, successful coaching methods, and clinical field testing.  


  • Facilitate diagnostic exercises to quickly determine your top 3 self-help objectives. 

  • Develop a personalized plan for your spiritual growth.

  • Clinically measure your success so you can see the speed at which you are meeting your objectives. 

  • Train you how to tap into your innate multi-sensory abilities. 

  • Support you in surfacing your own personal truths. 

  • Assist you in processing your life through your feelings and not your thoughts.

  • Teach you exercises to increase your intuitive powers. 

  • Guide you on how to emotionalize Universal Laws so you can create permanent behavioral change. 

  • Help you self-program new positive beliefs into your subconscious mind.

  • Teach you transformative coaching exercises inspired by self-help leaders: Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass.


  • ​Achieve inner peace. 

  • Quiet your negative mind chatter. 

  • Love and accept your Self unconditionally.  

  • Decrease worry, guilt, and anxiety. 

  • Dis-create the core negative beliefs that block you from creating the life you desire. 

  • Discover when you are out of alignment with your intuitive heart so you can heal. 

  • Fulfill your emotional dependency needs.

  • Be guided by your Spirit rather than your ego mind.  

  • Become confident in your choices.

  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself and those around you.

  • Live a life filled with love and happiness. 

Certified in the HuMethod™ Spiritual Life Coaching Healing Modality

The HuMethod™ is a proprietary, clinically proven, result-driven Spiritual Life Coaching training system, which after decades of research and field-testing has evolved into an empowering healing modality.