Healing is an Inside Job

Often we will look at our life and see it as chaotic or stressful. We feel we need to change the world around us so our own lives will be more peaceful but then get discouraged when nothing changes. Even though we are trying! But the thing is, the only way we can bring peace to our external world is by healing our inner world. And until we feel peace within, we will not see our outer environment that way.

The great thing, though, is that when we do find it within, we no longer try to change everyone else because our outside environment isn’t so chaotic or stressful once we are healed.

And once we start to heal within, we don’t see daily triggers as chaos in our life like we once did, but rather as gifts allowing us to discover where we still need to heal. We no longer see our uncomfortable thoughts and feelings as threats but as a source of how we can find peace.

We are always going to have troubled emotions but it is what we do with them and how we respond to them, that will create a more peaceful life internally and externally.

If you are ready to heal within, I invite you to schedule a free clarity call to help you find answers and take a step forward on your healing journey.

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