My name is Nicole and as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, I help mentally exhausted women find inner peace through emotional healing and spiritual guidance so they can live their lives full of inspiration and abundance. Find out how I got here below...

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My Story

I first started diving into spiritual work many years ago when my father became ill. I began a meditation practice to help cope with the pain, and after his passing, spent a lot of time in nature as I was gifted his camera and dove into nature photography as a hobby. Consistently being in nature really helped me ground myself during that difficult time. Then one day (out of nowhere), my 2 year old daughter handed me the book, The Secret. Although it had been on my shelf for years, I had never picked it up to read so I took that as a sign that it was time to read it. By doing so, I started to look at life with a new perspective. The Secret then led me to numerous books, studies, and anything I could get my hands on to seek more spiritual guidance.


After delving down this spiritual path that I was on, these teachings eventually helped me break through the fear of starting my own side business of teaching face yoga (yep, you heard that right...face yoga). 


As I continued studying more spiritual teachings, I felt compelled to share what I was learning with other women who wanted to break free from their fears and feel more confident. That is what led me to seek out a spiritual coaching certification. But I was shocked at what I soon discovered...


I began my certification thinking I would learn how to share with others the spiritual lessons that I had been studying for the past few years. However, I quickly found out that I had never applied or emotionalized these spiritual teachings in my own life, and never quite understood what spirituality truly meant. However, through a series of exercises that I had learned in my certification program that focused on emotional healing, I was finally able to do so...and it changed my life


In fact, I soon discovered that I was carrying around old wounds that needed healing. I quickly learned that my past experiences and history were the reason my mind created the blame, guilt, and anxiety that was a daily occurrence for me. And The HuMethod™ Healing Modality is the only method that taught me how to apply the knowledge so I can create permanent behavioral change. 

This certification truly changed my life because during my rigorous training, I was my own first client. And because of that, I finally discovered inner peace; something that I never even thought was an option.


Not only has this method of coaching changed the relationship with myself, it forever changed my relationship with my family and I cannot be more grateful. I am a better mother, wife, and daughter because of it. I am a different person than I was before—kinder to both myself and others, and compassionate of all of our programming.


In receiving this certification, I discovered my true purpose. I am here to help others heal their past so they can seek inner peace and live their most empowered and fulfilled lives possible. 

Certified in the HuMethod™ Spiritual Life Coaching Healing Modality

The HuMethod™ is a proprietary, clinically proven, result-driven Spiritual Life Coaching training system, which after decades of research and field-testing has evolved into an empowering healing modality.