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Inner Peace Is
Within Reach

1:1 Coaching with Nicole McGrath

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, I teach you how to align with your intuitive heart and break free from your limiting beliefs so you can experience inner peace and live your life filled with purpose and intention.


I teach clinically-proven exercises to help surface your core negative beliefs that have gone unconscious and block you from achieving the health, wealth, and relationships you desire.  

By becoming spiritually aligned, you will learn to trust your inner guidance and emotionally heal so you can live an inspired life full of confidence and abundance.  

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Are You Ready?

Beginning your journey to Self-mastery is a brave step. The work we will do together takes emotional honesty and courage. During our time, we will uncover the emotional wounds of your past so you can get to the root of your current triggers and upsets. We will clean the slate of your negative programming so you can program new positive beliefs to manifest a life filled with love and abundance.


I can personally attest that by taking these steps you will transform your life for the better. The change lies within you and the first step to inner peace requires action. It's time to stop letting your past define your now.

The Journey Towards Inner Peace Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.